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  Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is anyone notified that I searched for them?
No. No one is notified that you are using the CellRevealer services, including the person whose number you are trying to track down.
2. Is it a free service?
While most numbers can be traced for free using our modern search tools and proprietary databases, some numbers require a more involved search that we can provide for a one-time fee.
3. Is your system able to search unlisted (mobile) phone numbers?
We provide access to publicly-available information such as published telephone numbers. Your telephone number is not available in these databases if you have a non-published or cell phone number, that is, a number that is not listed in the phone book, or not available from directory assistance. We can obtain unlisted numbers. These are numbers that are not listed in the phone book, but are available from public and private records sources/databases.
4. How do I trace a blocked number?
If you received a call from a masked number (blocked, private, unavailable, etc.) and would like to reveal it, please use our affiliate service TrapCall. It is easy, fast and reliable.
5. Can I search numbers from other countries, like Canada?
We only offer the ability to search U.S. phone numbers at this time.
6. Is it legal to do a reverse cell phone lookup?
As long as you are not using the information for cold calling telemarketing or any other illegal activity, then it is perfectly legal to get the information via a reverse number lookup. You got a call from the number you do not recognize and you have the right to reveal the identity behind it.
7. What information can your service provide about the number?
Your search may render an individual's name, service provider, general location, and billing address. Depending on the number and the search process, these results may vary. Full phone   reports include up-to-date information for (when available):
  • Phone owner name
  • Registered street address
  • Line type - landline or mobile
  • Phone company / carrier
  • Issuing location with map
  • Previous addresses
  • Phone owner age and marital status
  • Phone owner social media profie
8. My phone number is in Do-NOT-Call Registry. Can someone trace it?
Yes, they can. The Do-Not-Call registry regulates unsolicited commercial messages. This does not apply to reverse phone number lookups by third parties.
9. How do I change or remove my own information?
We take your privacy very seriously. You can "opt-out" of our directory for free online.

Notice, that our free opt-out system prevents your information from appearing to users that visit CellRevealer. It does not, however, remove your records from the source databases, over which we have no control.

10. How accurate is the data provided?
The currency and accuracy of the information depends on the number you are trying to trace, the tool or database used and other factors. We access a variety of different public records sources from our data partners. As you can imagine, some of the sources can be slow to update public/private information. We are as current as they are but some of the updates are out of our immediate control.
11. Can I perform unlimited lookups?
Yes, if you upgrade to a premium account.
12. Still got a question?
Complete our quick contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.